6 Effective Tips To Break Out Of A Weight Loss Plateau Fast

After months of working out, you finally notice some changes on your body. All of a sudden, your weight loss progress comes to a screeching halt and it seems like you’re back where you started. You increase your workouts per week, add one more cardio session, skip a snack a day, yet nothing works. It’s been a week, two or a whole month, but your weight is still the same. Wondering what’s going on? You’ve hit a weight loss plateau.

Weight Loss Plateau

Before you start freaking out, don’t worry, plateau is a common “side effect” of people who lose weight. A weight loss plateau occurs when a person gets stuck at a certain number and remains the same for some time, even if that person’s doing all the right things. By consuming less calories than you used to for a long period, your metabolism rate decreases. In order to overcome a weight loss plateau, you need to make changes.

How to Break a Weight Loss Plateau Fast

Many people make the same old mistake of doing the same things over and over again, while expecting different results, which is impossible. Others make another common mistake: give up. If you’re not willing to give up but eager to make changes in your weight loss strategy, we provide you with 10 powerful tips that can help you achieve your goal quickly and efficiently.

Re-adjust Your Calorie Intake

As we mentioned, as you lose weight, not only does losing weight become more difficult, but your metabolic rate decreases as well. In other words, your body doesn’t need as much calories (or energy) as it used to. Therefore, you must reduce your daily intake of calories. Your calorie intake should be adjusted according to your current needs of your body. Re-adjust your calorie intake every two weeks in order to ensure you’re headed to the right direction.

Add New Exercises in Your Workouts

Probably the most efficient way to break through weight loss plateaus is to add new exercises to your workout routine and mix them up. Adding resistance training into your routine can help you get back on the path to your fitness goal. Don’t do the same exercises every week, but mix up. If your goal is to burn some extra pounds fast, cardio may help you initially, but once you hit a weight loss plateau, it will stall all your efforts.

Get Quality Sleep and Avoid Stress

Although it may seem off tune at first, not getting enough quality sleep or/and being under stress results with elevated stress hormone. When the stress hormone is elevated, it is much more difficult to lose any weight. Furthermore, studies have shown that people consume about 25% more calories when they are tired or stressed. Before you find this tip funny or weird, go get some sleep.

Find a Way to Achieve Small Goals Every Day

When your confidence is low, you do something that you’re good at and get your confidence back. This method can be applied to help you break through the weight loss plateau that prevents you from reaching your goals. Find a way to make a small win every day that will prove to you that you’re better than you were yesterday. These small daily wins can push you over the edge and let you continue your weight loss plan just where you were interrupted by a plateau.

Add One Extra Day of High-Intensity Cardio

To move beyond a weight loss plateau and continue getting closer to your ideal weight, include one more day of the week for high-intensity cardio in your workout routine. Exhaustive and long high-intensity workouts burn far more calories than any other cardio exercise. Instead of a long run on the treadmill, use a total body circuit with push-ups, rows, push presses and squats. Do each of them for 30 seconds and rest for just as long before moving on to the next exercise. This way, you activate your whole body, increase the calorie consumption and boost your metabolic rate.

Include More Healthy Fats in Your Daily Diet

Adding fats on your daily diet may seem like a way to gain pounds, but this can actually help you lose more fat. Healthy fats found in butter, coconut oil, nuts and avocados can actually help you get thinner and make you look more muscular. Along with the other 5 ways of this list, including healthy fats in your daily diet can contribute to reduced intake of carbohydrates. By getting 1/3 of your calories through quality fatty foods and completely avoiding junk food, you’ll easily and quickly break out of a weight loss plateau.

Even if it takes some time to overcome the plateau, don’t give up. Acknowledge your achievements and set yourself realistic goals. Instead of striving for perfection, strive for short-term progress. Losing weight takes a lot of time and efforts, so you have to be patient and work hard. Amazing things will surely happen.

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