6 Reasons Why Women Usually Choose The Wrong Guy

“Why do I always fall in love with the wrong person?”, “How do I stop attracting the wrong men?”, “Where are all the nice guys?” – these are the questions many women frequently ask themselves after a bad relationship or divorce.

Unfortunately, there are so many smart and beautiful women in the world who have a tendency to pick the wrong partner. They know that the person is not right for them, but they make justifications and excuses to stay in a bad relationship.

Fall in Love with the Wrong Person

So, if you’re wondering how to stop attracting emotionally unavailable men, here’s our list of some of the biggest reasons why women choose the wrong guy, over and over again!

Physical Attraction

Attraction and chemistry are very important in a relationship, but they shouldn’t be the only things you need to consider. Many women have the habit of analyzing the men through their looks and charisma. The initial physical attraction will make a woman blind, and she will lose her thinking ability to chose the right partner. Even though “reliable” and “loyal” are some of the best mate-worthy qualities, in the heat of the moment, a woman often chooses guys who are unpredictable, mysterious and exciting. These bad boys always seem to know how to say the right things to get under your skin and leave you wanting more.

Low Self-Esteem

Many women around the world think that they are not beautiful or smart enough to attract a nice guy. Self-esteem can be a huge problem because it can make you feel unworthy of a good guy. People who have low self-esteem have difficulty believing that they are loved and accepted by their partners. Women with low self-esteem come to relationships with a variety of irrational thoughts and emotions and eventually they end up losing themselves in relationships with others.

Low Standards

Another reason why women fall for the wrong guys is because they don’t have high enough standards. The most important thing is to know your worth. There are so many women out there who have settled for less, just because deep inside, they don’t think they deserve more. Know that you are a beautiful and loving person with a lot to offer and you deserve to be treated well. Know your worth and don’t accept being treated in a way less than you deserve. When you realize that, your standards will become higher and you will see a significant change in your dating choices.

Stop Attracting the Wrong Men

Bad Luck

This is one of the most common reasons why women have a tendency to choose a guy who stands in the opposite pole in terms of attitude, mindset, and traits. Differences in personality traits can lead to numerous problems in the relationship and eventually to a breakup. However, you should know that you are able to create your own luck in love. Change your game and instead of sitting in front of your computer all day, go out and meet new people. Stay positive, go on dates and see any bad date as one step closer to the person you’re supposed to be with.

Fear Of Being Alone

Is the fear of being alone keeping you in an unloving relationship or abusive marriage? There are so many people who get divorced and are remarried almost immediately, because of desperation and fear of being alone. Yes, being alone is terrifying, but it’s better to be alone than to be with someone who is wrong for you. Take your time to really get to know a person and if you realize that you’ve chosen the wrong person, break up with them. This is quick and much easier than going through a divorce.

Lack of Self-Love

Lack of self-love is probably the biggest reason why women choose badly. Many women are willing to put up with terrible things such as abusive behavior, cheating, and drinking only because they don’t feel like they deserve any better. The thing is, no woman or man is perfect, but no one deserves to be with someone who cheats, lies and abuses them mentally or physically.

The way you treat yourself sets the standard for others and this is the reason why self-love is the key to finding true love. Loving yourself is important for your own personal growth, for the fulfillment of your dreams and for developing healthy and happy relationships.

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