8 Super Simple Tips to Be Girly and More Feminine

Women are undoubtedly the most beautiful creatures on this planet. They have a gift of femininity, which makes them loving, soft and warm. The word femininity has a different meaning for everyone and there are at least one million rules and ways to be feminine. However, being feminine is not about rules or physical beauty, but it’s more about the attitude, confidence, and personal style. Being feminine is about who you are from the inside. There’s no real formula how to feel more feminine and more sexy because beauty is always in the eye of the beholder, but it’s important to nourish your feminine side in order to be healthy, beautiful and to be truly yourself.

Be Feminine

So, if you’re wondering how to increase your sex appeal and how to be more feminine, we’ve compiled a list of tips that will give you a major confidence boost!

Enjoy Being A Woman

Being a woman has many advantages. We are sure that being a man has its advantages as well, but women get to do many things that men will never be able to do. So, enjoy being a woman and wear feminine skirts, cute dresses, high heels and makeup. Be independent and spoil yourself because you are worth it. Be elegant, polite and mannered. When you feel beautiful and sexy, you radiate beauty as well.

Highlight Your Curves

The most feminine aspect of any woman is her body. Women naturally have higher levels of body fat than men. Keep your body healthy and fit, eat well, but embrace your female form and love your body as your physical feminine self. Accentuate the attributes you have and wear clothes that fit. You don’t have to show skin or wear super tight clothes to appear feminine. Wear clothes that aren’t so loose that your body frame is lost in all the fabric, while subtly accentuating your curves.

Wear Simple Jewelry

Feminine women are delicate, so try to avoid jewelry that is overly harsh and makes you look like a fashion victim. Wear simple and tasteful jewelry that will make you feel confident and attractive. Jewelry with stones is considered more feminine than plain rings or chains. Think of delicate bracelets, pinky or thumb rings, or girly stud earrings to dress up your casual pieces. Luckily, minimalist jewelry happens to be trending now, so eye-catching pieces are affordable and easier to find.

Choose Your Mood

Keep in mind that positivity and warmth are always attractive. A happy woman is a sexy woman. That doesn’t mean that you have to walk around with a fake, permanent smile on your face. Smile because you are alive, because it’s a beautiful day, or because you are happy. Men are crazy for women who can give them a genuine smile. Choose a positive attitude and try to stay away from being judgmental, and people around you will certainly notice and feel your good energy.

Be Girly

Wear Lingerie That Makes You Feel Sexy

Invest in beautiful and elegant lingerie that makes you feel sexy and make sure you wear them. It doesn’t matter if no one sees what’s underneath your clothes, you’ll know it’s there. Being more feminine starts from within, so if you feel sexy, others will feel it, too. Feeling sexy and feminine boosts your self-confidence and if you’re more confident you will be even more successful in all aspects of your life.

Wear A Fragrance

Wearing a nice fragrance can make you feel much more feminine and confident. Find a signature fragrance that makes you feel sexy every time you wear it. Spray on your favorite perfume before you leave the house and you’ll feel much more attractive. Smelling great has always been a staple of the feminine image. Stay away from perfumes with a raunchy, masculine smell and put on perfumes with light, flowery, or fruity notes.

Initiate Sex More

A lot of women have problems letting go during sex or they have sex for the wrong reasons. Find ways to truly enjoy sex, because men like women who are free, confident and feel good about themselves. Initiate sex more often with your partner and if you want something that you think you deserve, speak up. Increase the amount of physical affection you share on a daily basis. Being assertive is not the same as being pushy or bossy – actually very sexy and admirable quality that women possess.

Be Kind

No matter what you look like, nothing will knock your sex appeal down faster than being rude and mean to people. You don’t need to kiss other people‚Äôs ass, but try to treat everyone around you with kindness and respect. Don’t judge others and be compassionate, polite and caring. Avoid unnecessary conflicts whenever possible, always be kind and let your inner feminine side shine through all the time.

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