7 Weird Things You Didn’t Know About Pokemon Go

Why is every second person in the States walking around with their phone raised as if they are recording? Why are they shouting “YES! I GOT YOU!” anytime they make a stop? Don’t mind them, there is an app\game known as “Pokemon Go” that has taken control of their lives. The world-wide phenomenon Pokemon first appeared as a game in 1996 and a year later, one of the most popular animated shows of all time was born. Over the course of two weeks since Pokemon Go was released, millions of people got inspired to get outside and start chasing their favorite and rare Pokemon.

Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go has taken the social media by storm, attracting more daily users than Twitter, for example. The game is about going out in the real world and collecting as much Pokemon as possible. Pokemon Go requires you to have a smart phone with the screen, internet and GPS turned on all the time and it is highly addictive. With a (not so) simple goal and an utterly satisfying game-time, there are some things about Pokemon Go you should know before you start your quest. Here are 7 weird things you probably don’t know about the Pokemon-collecting game.

You Can Have Pikachu as Your First Pokemon

When you start the game for the very first time, you are offered a choice between Bulbasaur, Squirtle and Charmander to be your first Pokemon catch. At first, each of these three Pokemon seems a great deal, but according to people who ignored the deal for a while, the game offers you a fourth option after a while and it is no other but the adorable and ever-popular Pikachu. If “pika pika” is your favorite Pokemon and you haven’t started playing yet, you know what to do.

The Game Makes no Progress When Closed

This is one of the most troublesome aspects of Pokemon Go and a major threat for your phone’s battery. If not running, the app will not alert you if a Pokemon or a PokeStop is nearby. It doesn’t even count your steps. The only way to be a true Pokemon trainer is to walk around with your phone in your hand or your headphones put on (listening for notification sounds) with the app opened in your pocket.

Pokemon Go is Not World-wide Available (Yet)

Since this addictive game has taken the media by storm, one would normally guess that Pokemon Go is a world-wide phenomenon, but it’s not. Australians, Americans, New Zealanders and Japanese have the privilege of downloading the game for free either from the Google Play store or iTunes, while the rest of the world is only wondering how does it feel like to be a Pokemon trainer. However, it is only a matter of time when will Pokemon Go become available to download and play in every single country in the world.

It Will Take You to Weird, Strange and Creepy Places

Pokemon Go has turned many lazy teenagers into the world’s most adventurous trainers, not by their will, but because there’s no other way to catch Pokemon. In the game, there are (Poke) stops where items can be gained. Some Poke stops are located in the most bizarre, strangest, most depressing and weirdest places you will ever see in your life. For example, there are now few players who have found dead bodies in weird areas while playing the game.

If we Only Bought Nintendo Stocks Before the Game’s Release…

Imagine if you randomly decided to buy Nintendo stocks days or weeks before the game was launched. The utterly popular Pokemon Go has accomplished a massive success in such a short period of time, so and its price increased by more than 25%. Now, it may make no sense investing in the game, because Nintendo’s stake in Pokemon Go is small. But Nintendo is only getting started. The huge Japanese company is expected to release few more games by the end of 2016 and if any of them attracts as much attention as this one, maybe you should consider buying some stocks.

Pokemon Go Can be an Efficient Lure

Pokemon Go was used as a lure to 11 teenagers, leading them right onto an armed robbery. In a shopping center in Missouri, the victims (aged between 16 – 18) were “welcomed” by four individuals with a black BMW and although they were unharmed, all of their personal items were taken from them at gunpoint. So the lesson is, stay alert and don’t risk your life for a Pokemon.

How to Catch Mewtwo?

Two weeks after the game was released, people have started to wonder if Pokemon Go actually features any rare and legendary Pokemon, especially the most powerful and most popular one – Mewtwo. Despite there are players who claim to have caught Mewtwo, you should not get discouraged and keep hunting other Pokemon, because Mewtwo is not in the game yet. To increase your chances of catching a rare Pokemon, download and install Poke Radar (for iOS) or Map for Pokemon Go (for Android) for free.

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