7 Ways to Be a Good Pet Owner

They say “Dogs are a man’s best friend” and that’s because they are loyal, devoted, affectionate and friendly like no human being. Anyone who has ever lived or lives with a dog can agree on this. Dogs can be an amazing addition to anyone’s life and they can enrich our lives in a lot of incredible ways. Every dog owner claims that their friend in fur is like a family member, but have you ever questioned yourself if you’re actually a good and responsible dog parent? Are you making its life as joyful as it can be? Taking care of a pet can be very requiring, but being welcomed right at the door, hearing their happy barking sounds and seeing their tail wagging just because you’re back home and getting your face licked in the morning as an alarm is absolutely worth your responsible pet ownership. Without further ado, here are 7 ways to be the best pet owner ever and keep your dog healthy and happy throughout their life.

Pet Owner

Get Educated

The first and foremost step of being a caring pet owner is to learn about dogs and get familiar with all the responsibilities of a true dog owner. Learn the characteristics of your particular dog’s breed, such as how much should they eat, how often do they need to exercise, how often do they need to go outside, their maintenance requirements, products, nutrition tips and anything else that will help you take a proper care of your dog. Knowing these things will keep you well-prepared for the long-term emotional and financial commitment you’re about to make to a dog.

Always Make Time for Your Dog

Most dogs need human attention, especially when they are in the mood for playing. Many dog breeds love playing with their carers well past their puppy-stage of their lives and they really don’t like getting rejected. Dogs depend on their owners for attention and interaction, so if you don’t pay them the attention they seek, they can get bored, sad and/or depressed and engage themselves in self-destructive activities just to kill the time. A good pet owner always makes time for their dog, whether it’s for playing, bathing or taking long walks.

Get Pet Insurance for Your Dog

Even if you really are the best pet owner in the world, unforeseen medical problems happen. Not only do they make your dog weak and miserable, but treating medical problems can also hurt your wallet. Getting pet insurance is the best way to avoid financial expenses for any sort of unforeseen medical problem. Before you get pet insurance, check what possible health issues does and what doesn’t the insurance cover for your particular dog breed.

Never Hit Your Dog

Many dog owners consider hitting and punishing their dogs can solve any problem, but both from a training and humane perspective, it’s an inappropriate and even embarrassing thing to do on your dog. No matter how angry or mad you get at your dog, you must resist the temptation to punish them. If you do hit your dog even just once, your dog will probably be afraid of you forever. Next time you get the urge to hit your cutie, think of how many times they have forgiven you.

Choose Only Quality Dog Food

Dogs are also what they eat, so pay as much attention when buying food for your dog as you do when buying foods for you and your family. A responsible and caring dog owner chooses quality food, not some cheap junk food that will not provide all the nutrients he/she needs. There are different foods for different dog breeds, but the most important thing is to never compromise with the health of your dog, especially if you’re trying to save on money. And don’t be stingy and buy your friend some treats from time to time.

Socialize Your Pet

Just as socialization with other people is important for you, dogs need socialization too, especially the little ones. If your dog is not properly socializing with other people and dogs, he\she is more prone to fear, aggressive behavior and a lot of other behavior issues. Meet your dog to new people by taking him\her to the park or to the store on a regular basis. The more your dog socializes with other people, the more comfortable he\she will be outside your house.

Give Them Some Space

Dogs just love it when they have their own place. Unlike cats, dogs don’t mind where do they sleep, pee and poop, yet they have their own needs that should not be ignored. They like to know that there is always something or some place that belongs to them and only them, be it a small corner of the dining room or a beautiful, large dog house in the backyard. They don’t mind what is it as long as it’s theirs.

These 7 tips for being a responsible pet owner are only the most essential ones; being a good pet owner requires much more. Your responsibility as a dog parent is to find out how to treat your dog on your own, how to encourage seeing more of good behaving and how to discourage inappropriate behavior.

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